About Habitat:
                          National Wildlife Federation
                          Native Plant Society of New Mexico
                          Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
                          The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
                          The Great Sunflower Project
                          Pollinator Partnership
                          Natural Resources Conservation Service
Bee City USA     
                          How to Create a Bird-Friendly
                          Yard Roundup Alternatives                     

Albuquerque Gardening:
                          The Native Plant Society of New Mexico
                          The Albuquerque Area Master Gardeners
                          The Council of Albuquerque Garden Clubs

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center:
                          Printable Lists of Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants: Dogs/Cats/Horses

Invasive Plants to Avoid:
                          Myrtle Spurge

Water Conservation Resources:
                          Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority

Xeric Plant Guides:
                          Desert Plants and Wildflowers
                          High Plains Gardening

Xeric and Native Plant Sources:
                          Albuquerque Water Gardens & Nursery                       
                          Jericho Nursery
                          Osuna Nursery
                          Parker’s Farm & Green House
                          Plants of the Southwest
                          Plant World
                          Rehms Nursery
                          The Santa Ana Garden Center